Rewards 2.7 yr baby girl is falling sick with viral fever, throat irritation,cough etc every 10 days.

At present also she has bad throat and slight fever.

can you please suggest some good remedies or some good doctor.

Will homeopathy work better for her.

needs to work on her immunity ..she has gone weak from inside ...follow the prescription once for full days when she recovers start with chyvanprash and homeopathy for increasing immunity .at home give her soups vegetables and all nutritious proactive with in which environment she gets affected most .. :)

posted one comment but its not reflecting ...don't know why

Viral is going around a lot these days 1. Ensure she doesn't stay with someone who has it 2. For a while focus heavily on fluids and foods that help in immunity. 3. Plenty of rest.

Vidhi I hope your comment is showing

ooh yes !! finally although checked twice after 5 mins ...thanks priya .. :)

Hi, first stop worrying about it.She will settle down.1. give her warm liquids.See to that she is hydrated properly. Encourage gargling if she can.
2. check whether she is keeping any toys in the mouth.Toys are main reason for infections at this age.
3.once she recovers fully, concentrate on C vitamin rich items.
4. warm water with little honey soothes the sore throat.Do it if she likes.Half glass warm water with half spoon honey.Let her sip liquid when ever she likes to.

U can try to give your child sitopaladi churna mixed with honey or milk.It's very good for treating cough .At night u can gently give a massage with lukewarm mustard oil .U can even rub vicks vaporub on child's feet, gently apply on chest and neck too.

thanks everyone..I will do all of them

can anyone suggest a homeopathic doc in powai or Andheri in that I can try that too

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