There's a first time for everything.

Hi all, I am back again with something special to share about my 2nd mom.

I skipped the Day 3 post, as we were quite busy with last minute packing, u all must be aware of how it is like to pack for a baby, putting the whole house in a suitcase still it seems like something is missing. We were stuffing Nemit's things in each and every empty bag pockets we could find till this morning.

Anyways let's not talk about this monkey, this post is dedicated to my mother (in law) and I am going to tell you the firsts she is achieving even at this age.

1- She took her first ever flight today and it was such a happy feeling to look at her amusement, anxiety, fear and joy altogether.

2- As most old people her age she too was using a basic phone for ages, we gave her first Android phone last year, she was excited to learn something new and now she's a pro at handling it. She has her WhatsApp and Facebook accounts too.

3- I have always seen her wearing sarees, I remember last year when I gifted her a salwar suit on her birthday she was so doubtful whether to wear or not but now a few days back she surprised me by asking to buy more suits because she found them quite comfortable and let me tell you she looked beautiful.

4- She had her first road trip to Mussoorie with us 2 years back, she feels so uncomfortable travelling long distances by road but because I was the new addition to the family and wanted to have a trip with whole family, she agreed to that happily. It was the most memorable trip we had with whole hubby's side family. What else a mother could ask for when all her children are together and happy.

I am so proud of her. Sometimes I am amazed to see the zeal she has and how open she is to learn and accept new things. ❤

Day 4- I never knew that both these ladies could talk this much, they discussed everything from flight seats to air hostesses to the shapes of clouds outside while I was trying to doze off for few minutes. 😴

It's an inspiring post neha! thanks for sharing it:)

Perfect family pic

Cool 👍. 

You guys are so cool!!!

Wow!!! Lovely!!!! Hope she is enjoying the new phone

Priya Sood she's a pro now, you can ask her anything about WhatsApp or Facebook 😁

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