Lucky are the mothers whose first child is a girl!!! 😍🥰

you are one such lucky mother :)

Dr. Farah Adam Madhavi Cholera Amardeep Mann Ritu Singhal Priya Sood Sathya Kalaiselven pattu AMRITA MALLIK Nilofer shaikh Saumya Pillai Muskan Jain Karishma Agrawal Sania Bhushan Shristhy thapa(sunam) Nimmi rathore jessy oberoi Rashmi Choudhury Kirti Wadera Smitha Prabhav Shruti Kakkar Mahima Krishna A vasu Dolly abhinav Singh Kruti Nirmal Vipra Naik Garima Singla sreekanna Manisha M Sonal Chaddha Susmita chetri Neha Sharma Manikyam Cherthedath Aishwarya Shukla Aishwarya Shukla Renuka pillai haritima upadhyay Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas ) Riddhima Tilokani Mili Choudhary Tarotforu Shambhavi Prachi priya dharshini Gopeka Sowbarnik narrayani raman pattu rampriya Suga Priya V Smitha Prabhav Sonal Chaddha Toshi Saxena Prachi Gaikwad Renuka pilla Prachi Goldi Dogra Smitha Prabhav Vrushali Bhabad jaseena Ghouse basha Prachi Gaikwad Abhilasha Jaiswal Nil S vasu Sweta ( Life of mom Divya (kavyaislife Kuljeet kaur Amreen Richa Thakkar jaseena Ghouse basha Sulbha Bathwal Neeta Shetty Nandani Nandini Khushboo Chouhan durga salvi Bhavna Anadkat Sonam patel Ritu Singhal Isha Pal Akshaya Naresh Prachi

Yes Khushboo 🥰

Yeah, I'm a lucky one too!

U r right Kritika Lall i m very lucky too have my gal she is my lucky charm


M so lucky I have first grl child... People says frst should be boy than we feel free whatever happens in next.. But I think m lucky to have frst grl child now in second i have no tnsn either boy or girl comes...

M also lucky my first child is a boy. mahare chore choriyon se kam h ke😊

Mine is girl😍

Yes dear.... how much i wished for a daughter. I had thought of a daughter's name only but i got Govind. I was fully prepared for a daughter, how to dress her, how to address menarche, how to make her strong physically, mentally and emotionally. I had thought of all aspects. And even planned parties with her. Before delivery i didn't know what i would do if it was a boy.... and it was a sick boy.... so automatically all emotions got aroused and i am raising him but i am totally clueless. I don't know how i would make him respect women and bring him up as a true gentleman just like his father. It is gonna be challenging for me.

During pregnancy i never think about the gender, i only pray for a healthy baby,by the grace of God i blessed with a boy who filled our lives with happiness after five years.

I am so lucky..god gifted me a girl on Diwali day..

Mine is a boy😁he is love ❤️

So true.. Your bestie for life...

Me too😍❤️

Oh hey Neha Kapoor Gill Itz been a long time since we are u and ur LO doing? 😘

😍I’m lucky too

Hey Kritika Lall babe..yeah its been very long coz busy in taking care of lo my office n home 🙄gurrr... Its too hectic ya.. couldn't get time to check any post or sumthm on Babychakra family..i can see many new members on Babychakra..well u say hwz everyone back home? ..! Oops! U luk pretty mommy 💓😘😍 don't frgt to tag me from now onwards.l
Olryt 😉

Oh okk..surely gonna tag u babe!!! Mwaahhh 😘❤️ Neha Kapoor Gill

Muaah to u n ur little munchkin 😘😘 Kritika Lall

I never think abt the gender... but desperately waiting for baby ❤️😊

I am much lucky as i have 2 girls

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