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" My Beautiful Scar! “My C sec" delivery”
I had a"Big Baby" so my chances for a normal delivery was too low but still my doc was waiting for labour to start on its own. That’s when I still had some hope that may be I will ...see more

I too had a c section

Today we will see:
• A cesarean birth
In a cesarean birth, childbirth happens with the help of an incision made through your abdominal wall and uterus. It is slowly becoming a popular choice of birthing in recent times.A c-section is ...see more

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delivery information...
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Right information
Mera bhi c section before 1 month hi Hua h

Food Must Haves For C Sec Mommies
I am a c sec baby and am now a proud c sec mom. i dont let people judge me, shame me or feed me gyan!! I am revelling mommyhood and i barely feel anything less that i didnt have a vaginal birth.if stats are ...see more

Thanks for sharing :)

Is C- section the new 'normal' way of delivery?
What was your experience like? What do you think about the rapid increase of c-section deliveries?
Let's discuss!
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I am a c section mom... I feel that a babies or rather a beings coming in this world.. the time..the way..the method is predecided by some power called almighty.... I conceived at 29..had a haemoglobin of 7 and high hypothyroid wen I started and had few complications throughout my pregnancy, but still my doc was hopeful of a normal delivery..by 8th month my baby moments were not regular and had reduced considerably to a point where at the beginning of 9th month, I was on drip..next we passed few more days, taking every care about baby moments but it again stopped.. nothing was working so it was an emergency c section as I had docs in family and they suggested that it shouldn't be delayed..may affect me and the baby negatively. according to me what matters is the safety of an infant and mother to be at that time ...because if that is compromised due to indecision, non professional attitude or some kind of pre notion that this or that delivery style is good..it may prove to be a disater... I have seen people developing serious life time problems (both baby and mom) when family kept on pressing for normal..both methods are ok.. painful..bring your bundle of joy in this world so the safest..the best..in this case to each their own..

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