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Kiddo experienced kite flying for the first time and the joy on his face was capture worthy.But the story behind the entire experience, was truly an eye opener!!

. ...see more

My pregnancy was overall smooth and fine other than few vomiting episodes and over-sensitivity to few particular odours. I had even travelled internationally and within state during pregnancy With the onset of 9th month, gyneac suggested to ...see more

My most favorite pic of year 2019 with my most favorite people on this planet..

Who love me unconditionally and stand by my stand whatever the situation may come. !!

Who will always be my first well-wishers and who thin ...see more

Did you have a smooth pregnancy yet ended with a last-minute C-Section? OR you had a pre-decided C-Section? What is your story?

Share your delivery story!

Share your story of C-Section with us and stand a cha ...see more

Hi I have a 9 yo boy and was trying to be pregnant since long craving for a daughter.
It's when I gave up I found I was pregnant. That moment was incredible as my first pregnancy was easy and we didn't take much efforts.
My gynaecologist gave me a pleasantly shocking news of me carrying twins. It was surprising and confusing to what to do? But time sailed through and as a mother you are strong to handle anything what comes.
It was tough pregnancy as babies were growing and my uterus was being pressurized. I used to feel heavy all time. After 30 weeks I gave up and passed each day in trauma breathlessness, anaemia, gastric issues hovered me.
My gynae However pushed me week by week and since the babies were in breech and vertex position I had to undergo Csec in 37 weeks.
I delivered twin angel daughters and now they will turn 1 . It couldn't have been better.
Csec doesn't harm your body. Yes you recover a little late than normal delivery ladies but that's not more than 6 weeks. I recommend going for csec with spinal anesthesia as you completely feel your baby coming out also the atmosphere in OT is jolly. Both stress no shouting all bliss..

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“Hardest part of being a mom is that you can’t stop the world from hurting your child,You can only ease the pain”.



It’s been quite a learning for me as a mom ,who struggles to see even a scrat ...see more

Good share👍👍


Let him be the way he wants to be!!

Let’s handle it!

This lil guy of mine is a music lover. If he finds music or any kind of an instrument , he gets lost!He shields away distraction like its nobody’s business ...see more

Beautifully twinned. And intelligently expressed your thought.


it’s hard to watch our babies when they have fallen sick and it's even more harder to feed them healthy meals at this time .

They may either throw up, or not feel like eating ...see more

Helpful post
Very nice Joker


Rey’s Travelogue 4

(Dubai- Day 1 - Part1-2)



Travelling to Dubai is definitely not tedious,even with a kid in hand. It’s just 4 hours and most of the babies are either sleeping or look ...see more

So beautiful.

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