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♈ Aries: You may feel a little sad or sorrowful about losing someone in the past, a day when you are remembering the good times you had spent with someone. This is only going to mature you and you will understand what you need and want from your relationships. Move forward and deal with the past life, have your closure, as I seem much happier. There are some experiences we go through because we have to learn from them and they let us know our highest potential and capabilities, you will have to take this experience also in one of the most positive ways. Try to listen to some music that heals you and gives you rhythm. Pink and green are your lucky colors today.
♉ Taurus: Today you may talk with your lover or your partner about your relationship status as some of you are in a long-distance relationship which is making things complicated. You would want to get more awareness about your relationship and its future. It is not a bad idea to put all your cards on the table today and I see things going in your favor and for the highest good. This situation in your love life is not for very long. It is a momentary problem and if you both talk about it you can overcome all the problems very easily. At this point in your life, your work and career have to be your highest priority. White and orange are your lucky colors today.
♊ Gemini: Much better day for you today than yesterday, you are going to fly high not only today but you are going to make plans for the next six months as you suddenly find yourself in a very comfortable situation. I have no problem with you making these plans, but please do not share these plans with everybody and anybody around you. Stay silent and calm and don’t let anybody block your way or confuse your journey. Today you will make plans on how to grow your business, how much and where are you going to travel, and where would you like to invest your money. I will ask you to take it easy because you will fulfill all of these desires but one at a time. Grey and blue are your lucky colors today.
♋ Cancer: Absolutely beautiful cards for you today, you will get help from around the globe if that’s what it takes. You are going to win every situation in life purely because of your trust, your faith, and the kind of guidance and help you have accumulated around you through these many years. This situation that you find yourself in is extremely temporary and you are stronger than this, I see your victory hands-down. Just don’t panic as that increases your problem and you cannot focus at that time. I see some travel plans also very soon in your cards and you win to see some great results before this month ends. You will make some diet plans also today as you are watching your eating habits and you want to disconnect your emotions with food. Blue and purple are your lucky colors today.
♌ Leo: Keep going with the flow in life as this is what the master has decided for you, listen to your inner voice and you know very well what is morally correct, please just follow that and do not get influenced by negative people around you. You don’t have to conclude just yet, you can take some more time for you to have more clarity and more information. Listen to the first voice that you get and follow that today, you will be divinely guided. Plan a trip soon to go to a pilgrim or a spiritual retreat as you need some connection with your higher self. You are definitely on some spiritual journey as we are in your zodiac month now. Sea green and grey are your lucky colors today.
♍ Virgo: As we have entered the month of Leo things will start changing for you in a much more positive direction, you will feel a new you with new desires and a new understanding of life. This entire month is very important for you and the journey begins today. I see you getting a complete understanding of what you need to change in yourself for you to have that life in which you can create yourself. Let go of all the fears, worries, and negative thoughts that other people put in you. You are far more spiritual and self-aware than that. Share your wisdom as that makes you most happy and fulfilled. White and yellow are your lucky colors today.
♎ Libra: You are regretting a few decisions you have taken in the near past and you want to fix them, don’t feel sad about it as you probably didn’t know better, but I can see you fixing them by taking responsibility. Take charge and fix a few of your relationships that have been disconnected for quite some time as they were necessary and very nurturing in your life. On some impulse, you probably had cut them off or let them go without putting up a fight to save those relations in your life. It’s time for you to balance all that as you feel this great vacuum in your life and now you value what you have lost. Brown and green are your lucky colors today.
♏ Scorpio: Some of you are expecting a promotion or an increment and today’s the day you might get the good news that it is happening soon. Just don’t get too excited and spread it to the entire world, take it easy, relax enjoy this abundance as it is very sacred and at this point just for you to know. Don’t spend your money before it has come into your hands. Even if it is spending your money on your thoughts and ideas, you are already planning that once you get this money in your hand this is where you’re going to spend it and this is what you’re going to buy. Don’t do that as it can hinder the energy and put an evil eye and the process can get delayed. Gold and red are your lucky colors today.
♐ Sagittarius: All of you who are in some partnership need to compromise today as clearly your partner has some better ideas or vision for the future, let go of your ego and believe like everyone else you also have a learning curve in life and you need to embrace that with joy and happiness. Today’s the day I would want you to dance as that puts you in a better mood and eat something sweet so that you even speak sweetly no matter how irritated or annoyed you are feeling with this compromise. You must donate some greens to poor people today as that will help you keep yourself grounded and humble. Maroon and yellow are your lucky colors today.
♑ Capricorn: Absolutely beautiful day for you, a day of receiving a day of coming out of illusion and so much clarity to move forward. You will have a new vision today and you are going to completely change your entire plan which you had thought of for your work and business. As I said you will come out of the illusion, you will embrace reality and make a new plan according to your potential and practicality, and you will see this plan will activate sooner than you can even imagine. You will plan some investments also in property or real estate and that will also pay off very well in the future. Black and silver are your lucky colors today.
♒ Aqarius: When you feel a lack of energy or strength you need to understand that there is something wrong and that needs to be healed in your body, don’t fight this, I don’t think you can fix the problem yourself. You need some medical attention and some treatment which will happen very easily if you just surrender and accept the concern. You are a rebel without a cause and having a very stubborn reaction to the guidance and suggestions that your loved ones are giving you, this is leaving them helpless and leaving you with this problem in your body. So let go of your ego and prioritize your health as health is wealth. All the shades of blue are lucky for you today.
♓ Pisces: Your finances look very good today in fact in the coming days they are only going to get better but where your emotional side is concerned you feel very low and guilty about a few things that must have happened in your relationships. It is just a very temporary phase as you are coming out of the darkness. I'm going into the light and you will get a lot of clarity which will set you guilt-free. It is not that you have purposely put yourself in this one rebel situation, you probably didn’t know better. Try not to have any arguments today and just listen to everyone even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying. Golden green is your lucky color today.
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