Hi friends, my baby is up for vaccine next week.

Pls share your views about PAINFUL & PAINLESS VACCINE.

Pls tell which is best?

Also tell about the cost.

I'm located in Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore)

painless is still good going. it was not available for a while in Bangalore then we started getting it. But check if it available in your city and if yes please go ahead.

for my son 1st vaccine we have the regular on as painless was not available and he cried a lot of pain. then on we went for painless and all happy.

I too give my baby painless. We are relax and my baby is happy. But it is costly but we get a great mantle peace
I does not know what is going on so he does not panic and nothing affects him so go 4 it

ok friends. thanks for sharing your views/experiences

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