hello everyone,  i was at my mother's place till now but now have come back with the baby to hyderabad, it's a new place for me too.as i was in bangalore before!  my baby is very cranky over here and cries a lot,  in this also be isn't interested!  there at my mom's place there were lot of people,  here is just me and my husband and son!  what to do?  i am not understanding,  it pains to see the baby cry and miss everyone!

Sangeetha Karuna

Hey Leena Pandyya, it happened to me when my kid was just 3 months. My husband, kid and me alone. Oh the first few days, she cried for anything and everything. Thought a minute to go back again. But took it as a challenge. Took her out of my home(corridor) often. Played with her. Never let her cry. After a week that phase got over and she started enjoying my company ☺️. Plan things ahead like preparing food and get help from your better half and enjoy more time with ur kidoo☺️ we all are here for you😊

Leena Pandyya

thanks sangeetha,i am trying my best not to let him cry!

Sangeetha Karuna

Do not worry. This phase too shall pass on soon. Be patient. This is the key dear

Ashika Imthiyaz

jus play wt her beekaboo..like games... talk wt her explain Wat he see... explain her wat u r going to do... tell her some stories... she's capable of grasping things... nd go fa walk wt her... I too faced... when she sleeps I shud finish all my cooking stuffs... after that oly playing caring baby alone till my hubby come...

Leena Pandyya

thank u guys!!!  i am trying my best! i have to stay work soon!  i am feeling very depressed as my baby will have to be in day care!

Neeta Nihale

hello dear..just believe in yourself.. no one can replace a mother.. baby has everything when you are with him.. I can understand baby got used to of other family members .. it will take time to adjust him in a new atmosphere..
complete all your work when baby was sleeping or with your husband.. don't leave baby for work.. play with him.. love him.m cuddle him.. it works..
my baby was just 2 month old when I back to my home..

Arwa Hozefa

ur baby will take a few days to settle .. stay with ur baby as much as u can ..also give him lots of toys to keep him entertained.  u can also put some music on .. keeping the tv on also for  bit keeps them entertained . if u can ask ur mom or mother in law to come for a few days to help u and the baby adjust to the new surrounding .

aradhana sharma

it will take time, but things will settle, also its important for you to cheer up yourself as you will be the everything for ur baby

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