Hello All...
My baby boy is 1.5 months old. He cries a lot from Evening and whole night uptill morning 3 o clock..
he will be calm only during breast feeding time. The moment feeding gets over..starts crying. Not able to figure out the reason behind?What can be the possible reason?are ther any remidy for this.
I will be greatful if somebody can let me know what are the possible reasons and possible remedies for this....

gomathi palani

it might be due to gas. if you r already aware of it then u have to check if your supply is good. if both are considered already then your baby might be needing your warmth...

Harneet (clanpedia)

with some oil. do some cycling motion with legs and put pressure on tummy slowly. it will help relieve in gas in tummy.

Ankita Popli

hi Suhas Kashyap, I think ur wife is having such food to which ur baby is suffering from gas problem,ask ur wife to eat healthy and light food with a little tempering of heeng in it and ask her to take ajwine water for atleast after every meal.this way ur baby will not suffer with gas problem.
in the evening, sponge ur baby with normal water and don't over dress him, and make sure he is wearing diapers from eve to night atleast. pee and poo irritates baby while he is sleeping.
before going to sleep give him a massage(without oil)and put him to sleep..
you can even try formula feed at night for ur baby's sound sleep.and plz don't wake ur baby up to feed, let him ask for it.there isn't any hard and fast rule to feed infants in every 2 hours, let the baby cry and ask for it..

Ankita Popli

if ur baby is crying uncontrollable then apply heeng water on and around naval, this might be sue to gas

Foram KModi (Slimpossiblediet)

hello I had same issue with my son . only problem is gas . burping is needed after every feed . make it a rule after feed keep ur baby on ur shoulder in such way stomach is pressed against ur shoulder . compulsory rule . It really helped me even if baby sleep keep on shoulder let sleep gets disturb but burp is needed.  baby will sleep on ur shoulder but donot let baby sleep without burp. It's 100% result.

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Suhas Kashyap try keeping the baby upright after each feed for 15-20 min...tummy time and massage for colic issue and give only breast feed... formula feed will give more issues and not required at all if your wife is well and can feed the baby... meet your pediatric if baby still cries as there are many reasons baby cry.... it's way of their communication...good luck

Saba Tabassum

make sure to burp ur baby after each feed and keep ur child upright position for atleast 10 -15 mins after feed... there might b chances of gas problem... for gas what u can do is very gently massage baby's tummy den hold baby's legs in upright position and very gently put pressure on tummy or u can put hing with little warm water make paste, apply around navel area ... or it might b colic issue for dat u can consult ur paed... ( my paed gave me colicmax for colic issue )... this happens with babies till 3 months of age... i know dis is stressfull but dont worry dis phase will pass...

Neeta Nihale

hello suhas... is your baby crying in night only plz tell me about his behaviour in day time???

Sonam Dadul

same here..he cries upto 11 in night n finally sleeps I keep him attached 2 my chest..

Dr. Payal M

its colic. follow the remedies suggested by others. ask ur pediatrician abt dosage for colicaid drops. it gives relief from the  pain.

Naiyya Saggi

Suhas Kashyap was this helpful? How is your baby now?

Suhas Kashyap

@All... Thank you for all the answers and help. We figured it out  as gas problem.. But many remedies written above we were not knowing abu it. I will take these.. Thanks again...:) really helpful it was...

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