can anyone suggest good books fot my 15 month old.... he wont seat at one place  though i want to increase his interest in books

hi shruti Priya Sood and i were just talking about this a minute ago! pls look for thick picture books - he might like pepper series, dr suess, end blyton noddy series. will tag u on my fafa & juno post now! u get cutout books and bath books also Gayatri Rao Roopashree Siddireddy Sheeba Rizvi aditi manja Charu Sareen Gujjal Manveen Dua what are u reading to ur childoos?! #tagfwd

Board Books , bath books are good. My suggestion is.. as baby has acquired new skills of walking.. Let him be active and walk and run. They may not be interested in books.( personal experience). Rather race with him. Take to park.  when my baby is near to 2 yrs..she started liking books and listen to stories. Before that... anything to make her keep in one place...was a big struggle and she felt bored also. Give a big air filled rubber ball and play.

What timing! We were just about to share something on these lines.
My fav - Eric carle the hungry caterpillar. Its bright, colorful, and interesting usage of colors numbers and nature

asha chaudhry thank a ton for that article.... Roopashree Siddireddy its so much relief to know m not the only one struggling to make him sit at one place :-)😂😂😂

ha ha ha ha.. Shruti Giri . I am with you. Hope many others are there as wel.

hungry cater pillar, peek a book touch and feel or any bright board books with less words and more colourful pictures

Show him books with big and attractive picture. Touch and feel books are fun for kids at this age. I used to read a lot if picture books with two or three words in each page. You have to act and be melodramatic while reading to increase their interest.

Shruti, you have some great suggestions here, so this might seem repetitive, but the key is not the books you read, but how you read them. Be animated, alive, exaggerate and be dramatic. Use a sing song voice with lots of intonation. Books with bigger, brighter pictures and flaps etc are more fun for kids too. Eric Carle, Nick Sharrat, Margaret Wise Brown etc are fun for kids at this age. Nursery rhymes and sounds are also a great way to expose your child to language in a fun way! Hope this helps.