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Be Supportive & Non- Judgemental

A confused woman : We are in our 4th year of marriage and we want to have a baby now. My thoughts on this varies very much from my husband's. I have always wanted to adopt a child rather than have a baby as I feel there are several children out there who need parents like us. My husband thinks otherwise and has been a topic of tension between both of us. He wants us to have our own child. Can you moms out here give some suggestions on how I could convince my husband for adoption?

Hi mommy. Having a child is a moment which involves loads of commitment and participation from both parents. You have a very noble view and should be appreciated. At the same time your husband also has a valid view point. Do keep an open mind and also continue to discuss in a healthy manner Talk to parents who have adopted. Both can meet parents and see how wonderful the bond is. Keep trying dear. All the very best

You can adopt one anytime. The bigger challenge is both husband and wife have to be on the same page. You can keep trying for a baby and in unavoidable circumstance adopt one. I thought did think like you initially and now I have two kids of my own :)

This is hard. you have a great point and we have too many people on this planet and many needy children. I suggest you both see a counsellor to see if you can come to an agreement. also find an adoption support group and meet parents who have adopted. the most important thing is that u r both need to comfortable with the decision.

There can be nothing more satisfying than adoption! How about birthing one kid and adopting the second one? And buy this book on adoption by Nandini Sengupta (you should get it on Flipkart). It has perspectives of different kinds of parents. Will be a good read for you and your husband. There are many books and theories which say - Raising a child well is the key to parenting (life time) and not just giving birth (one time). Like the above comments say, gather perspectives.

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