hi mummy's m in big confusion my boy 2 n half months mera dhood bhaut kam aa reha hai so he always crying n my in laws tellin give him bottle pls tel wat I can do for improving my milk

Foram KModi (Slimpossiblediet)

dear you try to increase yr milk try having  milk increasing food , soak coconut shell (kopra vatti)in water over nite in such way that the white part is in water . have next day with jaggery it will definitely help. have stavari, garlic , jeera.


Dear hemlata don't give him bottle, for increasing breast milk u take shatavari powder, Lactaways powder in milk, and Dr.says ki agar aap bacche ko countinuious feed karate ho to utana dudh bhi aata hai

Jai shri

Try having shatvatri,  or lactonic   granules,  it increase milk..,  also feed baby often thts the best idea to increase milk

asha chaudhry

Sonali Shivlani pls advise

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Eat bottle gourd,  papaya,  vegetables, masoor dal in ur diet this will help u to increase milk.  Try to feed baby at regular interval of time.  It's very simple more u feed more milk your body produce.  Don't take stress and take care of yourself.

Manu Malhotra

starting main ekdum se flow nai ataaa..v natural n v few people comprehend or understand this fact.... Don't worry u getting milk as per baby need.... suffice amount... Flow will increase automatically it's not a immediate thing dear.... Good going.... also continue with ur iron calcium meds as u ll b needing more of it now as well.... Ask nestle baby n me milk powder from ur doc... 499 or 515 per box.... N simply take lots of fluids / water!   Happy motherhood! 

Sonali Shivlani

Please don't start the bottle. Once the baby gets used to the bottle he will start rejecting the breast which will mean less Stimulation and hence even further reduction in milk. Feed often and frequently. If you have a breast pump express after feeding for a few min to Stimulate further. You can take shatavari Powder twice a day and also lactare as capsules. These are Ayurvedic preparation s and can be consumed on need basis. Drink plenty of fluids and ensure you are relaxed.

Sowmya Shree B R

u hv to drink milk more.it ll help u to increase milk.morning one glass,after breakfast half glass,at the time of lunch half glass,n after lunch take one glass milk with little ghee,and evng one glass and after night one glass milk.it ll defenately increase ur milk

Akansha Sharma

please don't stress first of all..the more your baby will latch the more milk will be produced..it's on demand and supply..don't worry..include cumin seeds tadka ( more than you normally take) in daal, sabzi whatever you eat..include fennel seeds i.e. sauf..it also increases lactation, gond k laddu..eat more of fresh veggies n fruits, sprouts..plenty of water..if all these along with trying and latching your baby don't help you than consult a good lactation consultant..but don't start bottle under pressure..6 months exclusive breastfeeding is recommended..if you stop trying your body will receive signals that no more milk is required ..so keep on trying.. you are a mother and no one knows better than you..

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