Hi i am mother of 30 days old baby and i give him breast milk and if needed formula milk.From yesterday his poop color hi green and yellow.Also he usually spits milk like some drop but today he spits lot of milk.

Is there any thing i need to take care or visit doctor

Green poop is normal don't worry. After feeding baby don't put him down immediately, put him on your shoulder and pat slowly to burp him.

Thanks vidhya..though i am making him burp after every feed on shoulder ..not sure why he still spits

Over feeding will also result in splitting

Yes i think so but he is hungry and talking milk..wat to do

Kanika when we are too hungry and start eating, what happens??? We often tend to overeat because we eat fast and dont get a judgement. Same with kids, they get speedy supply from bottle and hence they keep on having without realising theyare just fed enough and therefore so much of spit up. Also spit up can be due to indegestion of the fm. Chsnge the brand amd see.

Thanks Nilofer shaikh are correct..he woke up from sleep and he sudden wants milk and i breast feed him first den if required i give fm but he drinks fm like he is so hungry ..bottle has accurate whole according to his age but he drinks so fast and 30 60 90 he just demand more n more...i burp him after each 30 ml but he cries ..

I am tagging AMRITA MALLIK she has written quite a few posts on reflux. Amrita do help her out.