Hi, my wife is 7 months pregnant.

Her 2 hr glucose tolerance test. Results are as follows:

Fasting 99mg/dl

2hrs post glucose: 164 mg/dl

We did the same test the begining may b around 4month, that time result was:

Fasting 81mg/dl

2hrs post glucose: 134 mg/dl

What can you say from this or how serous it is..

We are going to meet endocrinologist and dietiatian, tomorrow.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa plz tell

FYI diabetes do not run in our family.

Can anyone answer me please

Amit we have tagged our doctor and she will reply, please wait. This is gestational diabetes and it will go once delivered.

Yes but, I wanted to know it's effect on baby

The level is fine with the present report.. just follow sugar free high protein diet with regular medicines.. as the value is normal, there will be less symptoms or asymptomatic affecting the fetus.. so no need to worry..

Great help doctor thank u