My baby is 13 months old... She can stand with support of chairs and wall and taking few steps and walking well if we hold her hand.. But she is very scared to walk alone and crying if we trying to leave her hand... Is it normal.... Iam praising her if she is taking few steps but still she is not confident enough... And scared is it normal what can I do

This is absolutely fine. You are doing the right thing by encouraging her. You can play some simple games to help her gain confidence. Keep some things along the side of the sofa and let her cruise along independently. Once she manages, shower her with praise. Sit or squat at her eye level encouraging her to move forward while holding on to furniture. She will gradually gain confidence.
Make her hold ur dupatta or salwar while walking. This way she knows u are there and she will not get the feeling of being abandoned

Hi Priyanka let her walk on her own at her own pace, just encourage her it's enough.

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