is there any harm in continuing with

an unplanned pregnancy ? any

extra care that needs to be taken ?

can you elaborate your concern further? both my pregnancies were unplanned - in fact I didn't even get back my period before I conceived my second child and got to know only after 13 weeks. I think you just need to get to a good doctor soon enough (before 10 weeks) and do all your ultrasound and blood tests on schedule.

there is no harm as such. just do mention the fact to your doc.
do you have anything particular in mind? are you concerned that you didnt take folic acid supplements or any blood tests etc

There's nothing wrong with it many have unplanned pregnancies, no extra care needed, just go in for regular check ups

Many pregnancies are unplanned. Just accept it, be happy and follow a healthy lifestyle. Read my articles on early pregnancy and nutrition on Babychakra.

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