is it normal to bath a baby with oil massage daily who has severe cold n cough???

Give bath on alternate days until the cold n cough subsides

avoid bathing.
do a quick sponge instead

You can give a quick warm bath as it will make baby feel fresh. Make sure the room is warm and you cover baby completely covering the head body and feet with a towel.

Murugan Ji..
if u hv a common sense,
u never thought of bathing a baby with severe cold..

Hw could u think of Removing the clothes of ur baby.. !!!!!????

saima ji ... actly having a warm bath baby tend to feel ease n fresh when dey have congestion ,as the airways become free wen he have bath which was block due to cold..for that reason only I felt to ask this question as he is not suffering from fever so v can bath the baby to make him fresh n clear from infection by which this cold had u understood saima ji

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