my boy is sucking his fingers all the time though im feeding hiim.... making him sleep.... seeing all his needs but not stopping sucking... how to making him not to keep fingers in his mouth. his skin got allergy due to saliva..

Hi Mounika. Thumb sucking is a  thumb sucking is a much easier habit to break than way for babies to comfort themselves and a stress reliever. You might have  a notice that he  a is usually very happy doing  it. it is way too early and he will break the habit quiet naturally . Do not try and  a break it right now.  so let your baby pop those fingers in his mouth and enjoy. :) As for the allergy try and ensure that you are drying up his hands and wherever saliva is going specially folds of neck as constant moisture will lead to fungal infections.
please do also ensure that you are wiping your baby's face and wherever the milk goes after every feed.

if it is any consolation,  mine is doing the same.  haha don't worry they'll grow out of it

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hi mommies. so i hvr a solution my baby used to do the same thing. so after lot of observation i have notice tht baby do it when they r hungry or when they wnt to sleep. we need to understand child mind. whenever we say NO to kids thts the first thing they wnt to do. so i used to always tell my son clap ur hands instead of saying no or trying to break the habit. so whenever i say clap ur hands he will try to do tht n forgets to take finger in now he has learn to clap. i hope this helps u as well. all the best Mounika Vishnu n Sumira Bhatia

Sohini Bairagra my son is too small to clap just yet. he is 2 and a half months old.  but we'll get there.  I also realised he does this more when he is hungry.  also yes,  distractions work