I m working mom. I m expressing breast milk fo my baby. How much tym i cn keep the milk stored?? And what should be the temperature fo stored milk??

Hi mommy glad that you have decided to Express and continue breastfeeding. Expressed milk can be kept in room temperature for 6 hrs if the weather is pleasant, if it's hot keep it for 4 hrs. In the fridge 24 hrs( keep it behind, not at the front as we keep opening and closing the fridge often) In the freezer there is no timeline you can store as long as you want , Thaw and use it. Always taste the milk before offering the baby. You can store the milk in storage packets available online or steel containers.

Milk can be stored fo 24 hours?? Or as long as i want??

In the fridge only 24 hrs, in freezer as long as you want.

Rebecca Prakash tqq fo uh concern.. i dnt hv freezer.. can i store expressed milk fo few dayz in that portion of fridge whr no one reached??

Rajwinder Kaur Im afraid it may turn sour. If the weather at your place chilly try it but not more than 2 days.

Rebecca Prakash okk.. tqq