Hello mam I am 35 week pregnant I have done my sonography for 9 month in which two cord around the neck my dr suggest me cesor after 35 week completed but blood flow and heart beat is good can I wait for more days to go because baby weight is only 2230 gms plz tell me suggestions

There will be an estimated date as well as weight mentioned in your ultrasound report there is always a difference of hundred to 200 grams as the correct estimation is is always an approximate in ultrasound with 2 do loop around your baby's neck it will be hard for your doctor to deliver normally and that's why why you have been advised to follow cesarean I would like to see your ultrasound report whether or not you have got time if you can wait for two weeks more please upload your report

Can I wait so that baby weight increase

Water is reducing and baby parameters and normal fetal weight is approx if baby is having moments everyday you can count baby kicks and you can feel baby's hand moments everyday then and you can wait for few more days your pleasanta is already matured and that's why the doctor is pushing you towards a cesarean now but ultimately cesarean will be done because normal delivery chances are negligible in your report because of water loss it is important that you drink more than 4 litre of water everyday

Thanks mam it's so helpful

Baby movements are good and I check heart beat every day morning and evening it is aslo good

Can baby face any problem after birth because of low weight