hi mommies...good morning...i have a query my baby is 9 months old ...what should I gave her beside milk,cerelac ,khicdi,dalia....for a good health...and also to give her nutrition..i am a working mom

Sheeba Vijesh recently wrote a article about it.  check out her profile please. 

You can give her suji keer, makhana kheer, carrot puree, apple puree, mashed banana, mashed potato.

Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months) have a look at it

Deepali soam.. how s makhana kheer prepared?? and what are the benifits of giving??thanx in advance

u can give upma,uttpm,halwa with dry food powder,kheer,dal-chawal ,Dal-roti, vegetables, carrot puree even your is 10 month old so according to me you can give each and everything in small quantity

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