hello mommies...plz suggest me how to deal with constipition after start lil one hv it these days..she became uncomfortable during pooping..some time she cry a lot nd not to poop a day or two days..i gv her two meals a day nd some time a fruit part it fine or should i reduce it... 

are you giving her water? Also try to make her food with enough water (semi) and use mild cow ghee.

Also keep an eye if the problem is because of a certain food item that you may be giving. Try including Bananas in different forms - shakes etc, it helpsm

don't gv carrot and apple... it leads to constipation mostly... try veg soups... watery juices... especially orange mango guava.. gv lots of water... try any one not all as the baby s too small.. its normal when starting weaning.. so no worries.. slowly it will get normal.. make sure there s no discomfort... to baby due to this...

ohhh i really dont know tht carrot nd apple do tht..m giving stopped it..suji to khila skti hu na..nd papaya she cry a lot from yesterdays evng..😢😢
Ashika Imthiyaz

yes Pragya Malaviya..i gv him water..but dont know who much a day??

you can also give tender coconut water. Soak black raisins in water overnight, next day boil it well , filter and  store in her sipper. kids don't like plain water and this raisin water helps in digestion.

there's nothing like how much water you should's like if she's not taking water otherwise make sure her food is little liquidy..

ok thank u dear..Pragya Malaviya

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