Hey girl in , 29 weeks pregnant but my baby moves only 3-4 times a day..  But doct said it should move whole day.. What should i do

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa pls

How can baby move whole day? Baby sleeps too.

baby does not move all day. it gets tired by making little movements. infact most of the time baby is sleeping. most movements will be felt after a meal ,  or a glass of water or when u r lying down or just sitting. they also respond to music and touch. touch ur belly and talk. sing rhymes or just bhajans. this also helps bond with the baby :) best of luck.

firstly baby will not move whole day and also not only for 3-4 times in full day.. please give more explanation about position of placenta- is it anterior?? check your last USG- it will be mentioned there..

Hello everyone i want to tell that baby is moving well now i can feel the movements

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