My baby has hairs on face and shoulders . What can be done ? Plz suggest

nothing. its natural and they fall as the child keep growing.

every kid is born with some amount of fine wispy facial and arm hair. it's called downy hair. if one of the parents is hairy then the hair will be more. but nonetheless all babies have it and will shed them as they grow. that was their protection from the amniotic fluid that they swam in while in the womb. it's very normal. do not apply besan/turmeric or whatever home remedies grandmoms suggest. your baby might get a reaction.

Baby naturally shed these hairs. If you want you can apply flour role. Just knead flour and role it on your babies skin gently. Hope it works.

use Dadi's & Nani's nuskha's...

Hi Vandana, being a mom I can understand ur concern. But frankly speaking there is no need to apply anything. After few months,  they will shed off automatically.  Stop worrying.  Just use raw milk before giving bath.

It is natural for baby's to have hair and some not to have. Please do not use any methods to scrub it off or apply anything. Your child's skin is very delicate so do not touch it at all