if we go for induced normal delivery. will it be much more painful and difficult.

lol, ofcos. whether if it's induced naturally or if it's being induced by gel or anything, it gives loads of pain either ways. but it's common. once you see your lil bundle of joy's face, your pain will flew away :) stay strong lady :) you can go for epidural injection if you wanna feel reduced pain

yes.... but the pain is tolerable. ..for very 1st delivery the time set ill be 12 hours... the one thing is u need to tolerate everything whatever the DR procedure is.... good luck....

Why would you want to induce labor ? If it is needed medically then it's fine but else it is best to let the body decide when it is ready. It will mean that your baby is completely ready for life outside the womb and yes then labor is also more manageable as it is not forced and the body and the baby are supporting it.

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