Q: baby girl is 2.5 month old, i have noticed from one week she has less hair behind her ear and back side of her head...i discussed from my husband but he is saying no need of concern cz after mundan she will have more dis a serioius issue...please suggest

your husband is right.. no need worry.. hair will grow after mundane and it's very common

yes its ok, but there is no evidence that after head tonsuring hair growth will increase. hair growth is heridtry also.

It's normal in babies.

it's normal dear apply oil regularly

yes dear your husband is right way to understand you it's normal or after mundan baby will get her own hair .... right now this hair usually called...mother womb hair... Even my son also had an hair fall but after his mundan everything is fine..!

it's not an issue at will grow... don't think much about it.. my son had hairs only at the back and now it has grown in front too... so, gradually it will grow...

not an issue...don't worry.. mostly it will come after some time

since baby sleeps on her back the whole day...there is less hair that side. it will be fine after mundan :)

massage with coconut oil daily before will help in hair growth...

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