hi moms, it's 20 days post c-section earlier I was having loose watery feces but since yesterday I have not defecated. please help

hi dear, you can take leafy vegetables, papaya, overnight soaked raisins etc. drink atleast 3 ltrs of water. avoid getting constipated

Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. if the constipation prolongs you should visit a doctor as it maybe due to acidity.

can I take cremalax for constipation

do not take anything without consulting doctor... and mention you are breastfeeding

Keep yourself hydrated and do consult with ur doctor before taking any medicines. U can drink warm milk add pinch turmeric powder in it and have it before going to bed, this might help u.

it is quite common to have constipation post c section...for myself, what i worked out was drinking lot of water and keep urself thing you can do it drink a glass of water before you feed baby and one post feeding..this is easy..also a lil walk is good...complete bed rest makes things difficult..u can try eating papaya, pumpkin that will help..if u still have prolonged constipation please check with doctor