After lots of unsuccessfull attempt of breastfeeding I really lost confidence nw.... though nipple shield is saviour... everybody suggesting me to quite nipple shield... but my baby is not ready to leave it... what should I do... I m trying my best... dr also told me there is no problem in my nipples and milk.... but my baby not taking my nipples... really lost hope nw.... no trick is working....... feeling too unlucky

hi dear, your baby has got used to nipple shield. it will be difficult to break the habit. you could try to feed baby in semi-sleep state, called dream feeding. since babies have a natural tendency to suckle, baby would feed. remember to keep baby's head elevated during feed and hold upright for sometime after feed. do not give up, try till you succeed..

I m trying Sheeba.... but not getting any positive response from him.... wo bukha hi sota hai per nipple se nai suck karta

have you tried a lactation consultant?

kya mai direct feeding nd nipple shield combination mai karu to kuch ho payega

Just now I shared these tips in breastfeeding support article and saw ur query so I'm sharing u the tips which helped me a lot in my breastfeeding journey,  this might help... 1- Babies always seem to nurse better when their feet are touching something, like your leg, the arm of the chair, or a pillow tucked next to you. It makes them feel more secure. 2- For proper latch make sure that your baby's stomach is touching yours, so she doesn't have to turn her head to latch. And point your nipple at her nose, not at her mouth, so she'll lift her head up, open her mouth wide, and latch on deeply."  If nothing helps u please do consult with lactation Dr. as early as possible.

I have consulted with 2 gynic... no lactation consultant in Lonavala at my place

Search for lactation experts in practo app once. 

hi.... vanashri mere baby k sath b same case tha  wo b widout shield dudh nhi pita tha.mmjh b 1 mnthh lg gya tha. ap starting me shied se pilao then jb lge baby achhe se pi rha ho to shield ko hta do may b fir baby drct bf kre maine aise kiya to mera babyy dhire dhire drct bf  krne lg gya.ap try krke dekhiye may b apki prblm b solve ho jaye

Aap Kar saktein ho direct or nippels shield ke saath bhi.  Try Karo kya pata aap phele se jaayada ache se feed Kar paayo. Kya pata kon sa tarika suit Kar Jaye.  Har Maa Har bacha,  tarika bhi different hota hai kisiko kya suit karta hai keh nhi saktein Don't give up. Keep trying.... All d bst don't worry we all are here to help. 

vanashri khandelwal almost similar situation I had...due to nipple shield my baby rejected direct feed...she used to cry with tears and her face used to turn red... horrible time that was...I used to cry holding counselor helped me...I bought Madela calma nipple and gave her my expressed milk through that and tried latch...she took in 3rd attempt...that was the best moment for me...see if that works for you...never loose hope... you'll feed your baby... good luck 😘

please consult with your baby pediatrician....or Breast Feeding Consultant....

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