hello Dr.Shilpitha I got my sonography gynae told me that there is one cord around my baby's neck...but she said this loop can be removed...or one more loop can be there in coming I just want to confirm is there any chance of normal delivery now?...plz suggest...

one more thing...she also told me that as my baby's abdomen's surface area is little bit baby is slightly week...but I didn't understand this...what does it mean mam?...can u plz explain?

I m 34 weeks pregnant...

firstly single cord around neck babies can also be delivered normally.. and if possible can you please mention the Abdominal circumference corresponding to which week?? so that i can explain better whether it is a minor one or not...

yeah its bit lagging.. make sure to keep an eye on your fetal movements.. if it slightly gets decreased then contact your doctor.. have high protein diet.. include eggs, moong dal, soya etc in your diet..

but mam weight of my baby is normal according to doctor...even after that she said baby is

as the AC is lagging behind 15days.. so.. it may lead to IUGR.. dont worry much.. just aware of fetal movements and take high protein diet..

ok Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa..
thank u so much

what is ur baby weight..mine baby ac was also lagging at 33 weeks & doc said its IUGR & there was also one cord around the neck..after 10 days of good diet & rest everything becomes normal & in recent scan there is no cord around the neck

ohh thanx Priyanka....doc also advised me one medicine for this 3 times a day

baby ka weight 2.3kgs aaya h...nd urs?

yes doc said this much weight is normal