My Son has speech and language issues. He is 2yrs 8 M now, but speaks around 5 words clearly without knowing the word meaning. (Mamma, pappa, Dada,mama, taata)

We took him to pediatrician, he asked us to visit a psychiatric doctor, she told my son has ABA and also to consult a Speech language pathologist.

I feel like with behavioral issues, speech therapy won't be helpful.. but in Bangalore i dont know much about these therapies.. those centers charge a very high amount for 45 mins sessions.. please help me what should i do?

connect with me. I m children counselor for speech related issues and behavioral issues. I m giving training to parents only for these issues .ping me on fb messenger

I can't find u in fb mam?
Can u give full name or fb link

Hi yes its bit costly, check in chat groups lot of Bangalore moms

Hi, dear if possible to visit Mysore. Visit speech and learning center Mysore. They are the best and treatment is reasonable.