When I am breastfeeding am getting pain at nipple? My baby is 8 days old

always it's paining or sometimes dear ?

May be latching issue, as soon as u r baby starts opening it's mouth take it towards ur breast such that the lower lips cover the farthest part of the areola, ur nipple should be far inside babies mouth keep trying till u achieve it then it won't pain

my dr recommended it , I have pigeon nipple shield

I also go through the same problem. nip care is a tube which doc.recommend .n apply luke warm ghee n turmeric paste by cotton to sooth the pain.

Hi. You should check the latch of the baby on the breast. Turn the baby to your side. The baby s tummy should touch ur tummy. Stroke the nipple on the baby's lower lip by holding the breast in C shape manner. Once the baby opens a big O guide the baby s lips onto your breast such that baby takes as much as the black part that is areola into the mouth.
Initial days it shall pain since you and your baby both are learning how to do it right. Give yourself time. Pain will settle. Only if you see your nipple cracking then you can apply your own breastmilk over the nipple.
Quick tip- to avoid pain, after the baby has fed, don't pull the baby out from the nipple. Break the suction by slowly inserting your little finger (clean) from the side of the mouth.
If any further queries, feel free to contact on 9920357437

Super advise given by Dr Riddhi!

Pooja u seem to know a great deal too

Thank you all for your great advice

Special thanks to ridhi

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