hi moms m back again...on Thursday I took my 3 n half 3months daughter to my doc since she was crying continously n had little temperature...wen i took her doc checked with her temperature she didn't have fever..n he checked for d weight she had gained weight also...he den suggested me with colicaid drops before feeding and atarax after feeding for 3 days n 3times a day...past from 3days she is sleeping peacefully in d night...nw from Tomo m thinking Wat next....

previously also i had come up with d same issue saying she doesn't sleep in d many of u suggested me to give her burp after feed,give her warm bath in d evening,Don make her sleep after 6 I tried all these n it worked out only 1s or 2s hardly...but nw she is sleeping since 3days m not sure if it is because of medicines or has she really changed to this world...

I faced similar issues when my baby turned 4 months we had just shifted to a new place, after 2 weeks of struggling we started Co sleeping n he slept till dawn waking only 2 feed in between also maintain a routine. .but don't make it lo miss naps it always counterfired in our case whenever I feel my baby is tired I put him to nap...

at the moment she is sleeping becoz of medicines. atarax causes sleep. baby wil decide to change the cycle. u can't help it. it keeps changing 30-45 days. sleeping pattern fixes by 1 year of age.

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