How many scoops of lactogen or any formula powder should be mixed with how many ml of water for 1 and half month old baby ? l hope many mommies are here who give formula to their babies. pls help! thanks in advance !!

Note - I gave 3 scoops with 90 ml water but he is vomitting

30ml water to 1 scoop. any brand it is the same proportion.

omg..dis is too much for one n half old baby..give him/her 60ml water n one n half scoop of lactogen..

One scoop per 30ml. Please follow the quantity instructions on the box and prepare as per age and weight of the baby. It is always best to breast feed and formula should be the last option. We tend to over feed with formula as we attempt to finish what has been prepared. If baby turns his face away or starts dribbling the milk then he has had enough and even if he has not taken as per the instructions on the box just stop.

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