Rebecca Prakash hii mam... my daughter is not eating anything past 2-3 days... as u know i gave started all kinds of porridge and cerelacs for and she was eating properly but past 2-3 days she is not opening her mouth when feeding with spoon or not evening drinking water from bottle... she is only drinking breastmilk... what must be the reason that all of a sudden she has stopped eating.... really tensed... plz help... 😞

Hi Rashmi its completely okay, she is just 7 months. Stop porridges now, give her dal kichadi, dal rice, jeera rice , soft small pcs rotis etc.

Rebecca Prakash ok mam... if its normal then no tension.. but what recipe of jeera rice?? and in what should i mix soft pieces of roti??

Dal you can mix with roti or curd. Regular jeera rice you make for your family.

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