Could my diet while breastfeeding cause gas in my baby? My baby girl is 2 months and has frequent bloating and signs of constipation despite exclusively being on breast milk.

Hi no dear you pass only nutrients nothing else, you can have everything homemade in moderation. Drink plenty of water and feed the baby, have atleast 4 liters of water every day.

Air passes while breastfeeding hence tummy pain. Make paste out of hing and coconut oil apply on baby's tummy and gently massage.

Give your baby some tummy time.

Constipation is not possible in breastfeeding baby. In case he/ she is not passing stool from the past seven days then only take him/ her to doctor. Give your baby some tummy time this will help in better digestion and gas issues will also be resolved. Exercise baby’s legs in cycling position often.

Yes there is a lot more correlation of your diet and your baby's poop so if you eat more of heavy meals at night suggest Dal at night then it will cause gas to you and same way will cause gas in the baby show the foods which were causing problem to you in the pregnancy time for causing You to bloat were causing you gas n chest pain they are going to affect baby aswell constipation is normal in babies not worry keep note on the colour of babies potty is it greenish or is it yellow or is it black green

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