hi mommies ,I need suggestions from you. I recently applied back for the same post I was working in a project and got news that I am selected . I took a near break of a year from work ,my baby is preemie and has turned one this month :). last year was quit tough as he was born early at low birth weight. with all blessings ,prayers and love my baby is doing fine now as per his corrected age ,but I am always worried about his health as he is pre-term. uptil now I have seen him single handle few support from my husband when he is back , since I managed everything hygeine food etc , I am skeptical to handover him to any one for 7 hours as I am joining back work. I am preparing plan of his diet,nap and all resources backup I will set up accordingly so that he sets well in my absence. I need suggestions a from working moms who has gone back to work how u guys managed. my in-laws will be at home along with nany I will keep. please advice what all things I need to consider .your suggestion to me will be great help.

asha chaudhry if u could suggest.. Thanks

hey thnx Sony (Amrita) for tagging me! aradhana this topic is close to my heart. first let me tag some other moms. and i will share my pov on this too!

Congrats on your return! you and baby will do just fine. Its great that you have in laws who will supervise and a nanny. My only advice is to do this gradually. So before you join office try to leave home at the same time and let others carry on the duties. Come back and observe and suggest changes. Diet and nap is most important. Thats all!

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hi...I was always afraid of leaving my kid n go to work but believe me kids r fast adjustable creatures..initially there vl be few problems..but once they settle n understand that mom vl be going off they do co operate..good thing that ur in laws ll be there to keep an eye...good going n all d best!

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Aradhana Sharma !!!! many many congrats on the opportunity to get back to work! am so happy for u! priya & rimsha hv given u brilliant advice. since ur inlaws are at home, take that leap of faith. start having the nanny over asap so she gets trained properly. if ur MIL is willing let her be a part of the training process too! i like that u are writing stuff and planning things out so they can simply follow! that will be superb! good luck. tc and dont fret! big hugs!

Congrats dear Aradhana Sharma☺️. Things to take care:if he is comfortable only with you, then  make him to take his bath and give his breakfast and leave to office. Just let your baby's care taker know the timings of his food and nap. Load your fridge with good fruits. Put warm water in the flask and wash all the utensils which he will be using for the food. Coming to his dress, if he has a wardrobe then its well and good. Once you get up, just wash his clothes either in machine/hand and let it dry in the sun(if you have not appointed maid for this job). Let the caretaker have your number handy. All the best. 😍