Dr. Priyanka Patel (On 25th november)newly born baby ko left eye me kichar aa rha hai aisa kyu hota hai aur please iska koi sollution bataye.

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Blocked Tear Duct: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Anish ji, bacho ka tear duct band hone k karan aisa Hota hai. Doctor se next visit me aap dikha lijiye. Wo ankh aur naak k paas maalish ka ek tareeka btayenge. Aur cotton ko gungune panai me bhigo kar usse ankh saaf kijiye. Chinta mat kijiye.

Thanks to all its really helpful 😊

If it is not getting cleared with cotton ball and eye is red and swolllen see eyespecialist tomorrow to see infection do not worry it happens with babies

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