my baby is 2 months old, she is not satisfied everytime with my breast feeding, she is crying a lot.I m giving again my milk , she is taking feed for 1 hour ,than also she is not satisfied. after I M giving formula that adviced by Dr . but that I don't want to give her .I want to give only my feeding.plz suggest me what to do.

same is the case with me. but I don't think there is any choice

The two things that increase breast milk is frequent feeding. Feed your baby eight to ten times a day. If baby does not feed then express. The other thing is to ensure that mom is stress free.

ruchi and heena both u have same problem than what u are doing

kinjal..try manual or electric pump..U will be satisfied if the baby drinks the entire bottle..I do that when my baby cries a lot..

Thanks baby chakra for the winter gift

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