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Mam i asked for one dout that my knees are paining in the early morning. So u people informed me that drink more water and liquids. But my worry is that why is this knee pains will come and is this permanent or it will be temporary. I'm very worried about this. Plz let me know mam

Your are putting on weight, and you need much calcium so you will have knee pain during pregnancy.. increase calcium rich food in your diet, you can soak legs in hot water, keep pillows under ur legs while sleeping in night..

What are calcium foods mam. If i have calcium food means knee problem will not be their na mam. Or else after pregnancy also it will continue ha. Plz let me know mam

During pregnancy these pains happens joe no need to worry. Because of increased body weight we tend to get pressure on our knees. Calcium intake is important along with supplements u can add 2 glasses of milk in a day. Add eggs as well in your diet. U would need 1200-1400 mg calcium a day. Even after delivery while breastfeeding . If u are taking this much of calcium then no need to worry. Stay happy:)