My 1.1year baby girl has severe rashes in her diaper area my doc has prescribed anti fungal powder and dr.reddys rash cream but its not working please suggest some remedies iam kee

Hi it will take time, do not wear diaper for few days.

Also you can apply coconut oil it works wonders. Dont make your baby wear diaper until rashes are completely healed

U can use ofcure FC it is very best for fungal infections I have used this product n it is very useful with this doc prescribed me anti fungal powder microderm u can use both these work best. I baby also got so.many rashes so I use this everytime now

On rashes always apply rash cream. Like u can try the moms co baby natural diaper rashes cream .
First u should know the root cause behind this. This is due to unhygienic condition on baby skin. Be careful.

Apply mothersparsh diaper rash cream. It's effective.. 👍

You can try the moms co diaper rash cream which is very effective on rashes.

You can try the moms co baby natural diaper rash cream. It's very effective on rashes.

Hi you may try the moms co diaper rash cream,its coconut based cream and effective on rashes.

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