tell me about this report of saani plz. ao much worried

Dr. Farah Adam pls help!

hi. this is the report of adenoids being enlarged. adenoids is like tonsils. it obstructs the airway. so kid must be mouth breathing mostly or snoring. it is a common surgery done in kids. what was the reason this x-ray was performed? also is the surgeon recommending surgery? if advised then please get it done.

pediatric suggested..for this m so much worried ..

I m no ent expert. but from what I know adenoids surgery is advised if it's enlarged in small kids. please take second opinion from another specialist

hi adenoids hypertrophy is very common in growing children  most kids outgrow this condition by 10 years of age.  it is associated with persistent colds snoring and mouth breathing . however these are not Indications for surgery. surgery depends on the severity of  the problem and associated complications