my last period date is 20 dec and this month i miss my period today i am cheq pregnency test but this is negtive but i fell prgnency symtoms like tender brest back pain legs pain headeach and mood swings taste change plz tell me what i can do

Sometimes it's too early to get positive result from strips. I got positive sign after 10 days of missed periods. If you are not satisfied you can get blood test and you will get absolute result.

u can wait 7 days n check again

The best thing you can do is just wait and check again. I agree with Ritu and Rimsha. All the best

Try aftr few days again

It can show a positive result about three weeks post conception on the home test. If it is a late conception which means towards the end of your cycle it could take a few days more. If you are eager you can visit a doctor for a blood test to check beta HCG levels.

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