Hi m 23 weeks pregnant and have pain in right side. Even i cnt sleep at right side. Is everything ok with my baby or any worried?? plzz suggest me........

As pregnancy progresses you might feel pain and discomfort due to hormonal changes and growing baby. It is believed that sleeping on left side is the best for baby as it gives maximum blood flow to the baby. Try to sleep on left side; however, if u have constant pain on right side, please let ur doctor know

it is recommended by doctors to sleep on the left side while pregnant

even I had pain on right side while sleeping around' the same time ur having.. its basically coz of the uterus weight.. there is no real solution but to avoid sleepin on right side.. after a few weeks the pain stopped

Is the pain you feel constant ? Do you feel the pain in the abdomen or the pelvis. The information is not complete. I would suggest discussing the same with your doctor and also consulting with a Pregnancy fitness specialist for some stretches and exercises which could help.

i feel pain in pelvis also i cnt bent down too??

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