hi all, i  shifted to a new town (Jabalpur) from Delhi 4 months back and i had to go to a new doctor here for vaccination of my baby, in May month she got vaccinated for influenza and typhoid, and today for hep-1 and PCV Booster, he doesnt give her OPV which my last dr. used to give her every time. This new dr. is charging a good amount of 4-5 thousand every time, he dosnt let us check the price of vaccine. if we buy a vaccine from outside he denies to give it to baby,  this time he did not even paste the barcode of the vaccine onto the card and i couldnt check wheater it was expired or not, my hubby thinks smtimes i overthink and overreact. :(

hi jyoti its mandatory for a dr to put the sticker of vaccination on the card

Dr.Saloni Pahwa Rhituparna Mitra pls advise

hi jyoti you are not wrong in asking for the barcode and price of the vaccine. ideally it should be given to you . as for opv it is not given in every vaccine visit so don't worry about that you can ensure that your baby gets all the pulse polio doses by the government till 5 years of age and has received at least two doses of injectable polio.