Pregnancy m cough syrup Lene s bacche ko koi problem to nhi hoti h plz tell

Aap doctor se puch kar hi len. Apni marji se koi dawa nhi leni chahiye pregnancy me . Doctor jo aapko btayenge wo safe dawa btayenge

Dr Shaveta Swetha S Dr Apurba Kumar Dutta Dr please help on this question

Hello, Cough might be seasonal but in the epidemic Covid ,please don't take these symptoms lights and you should consult your doctor if you have concomitant fever n other symptoms.
As per normal seasonal cough is concern any cough syrup which don't contain codeine can be taken safely in pregnancy.
Stay safe n enjoy your motherhood 😊

Hi .. it's better to consult your doctor at this point of time. They'd examine you and prescribe safe cough syrup..
Avoid cold food items. take warm water and freshly cooked food..