Want to know about ovalution ,how many days we should take care ??

The first day of your menstrual period and also tell me are you planning a baby or you are trying to check for safe period

Dr.Priyanka Patel m not planning for second baby m jst trying for safe period my last date of period is 9th of September n it's not fix sometime next period came after 2 days 4 days or it take also 8 days that's y m confuse abt ovalution

See if you are not planning for a baby then I will advise you to go for copper t which is safest for you if the period is not fixed that clearly means that the day you are ovulating is also so not a fixed date hence the safe period will always be + minus 5 to 6 days which means you can get pregnant easily as well so either you use a condom or either you plan for a कॉपर टी if you are planning for a gap of few years and then again thinking for a baby

Actually we r using condom bt becoz of my period I dbt abt ovalution

Condom is very well safe but in your case I will not advise you to go for a safe period that means if you are thinking about a safe period and you are planning to go condom free that will land you up in a pregnancy if at all it is what you do not want then you must take contraception do not worry there are several forms of copper t available as well