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I am telling my few period dates

2 Aug



17 Oct

Calculated so 26 avg length come..

In nov 12 next period date was... And on 21 Nov check for pregnancy urine test and it's negative...

So my question is am.i tested at right time???

And negative means no pregnancy na ???

Plz help

Thank u

You should check after 26 to 30 days .

#kavitashanay till then next period time come...

If periods will come then there is no pregnancy.. you do the test once you have missed it.

See there is no average period it is either 26/27 we will consider yours as 27 only also tell me the date on which you had intercourse was it it around 24th October

#drpriyanakapatel 28oct

Ok also tell me since how long you are planning for pregnancy are you married for more than 3 years and trying for baby?

#drpriyanakapatel I am not planning for pregnancy right now...
Wanna be know that no pregnancy in above case... Which I said..

#drpriyanakapatel plz reply

#drpriyankapatel no chance of pregnancy na if utp is negative ???