36 week chal rha hai. AFI 8.3 hai. Is it sufricient?

It is borderline please share your reports how many baby movements can you feel in a day

Here is the report Dr. Priyanka Patel baby movement is normal.

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Dr. Priyanka Patel please guide

Report is ok baby is doing good. You need to count movemnt daily.

Dr. Priyanka Patel what should be the minimum movement in a day in this phase? Someday baby is more active simeday less active,someday movement is giant someday normal

They should be around 10 movements everyday it is not just about the kicks but also butterfly wing fluttering kind of movements

Dr. Priyanka Patel is heartbeat normal Doctor?

According to growth it is ok please confirm if you are suffering form blood pressure or thyroid or blood sugar

BP and Thyroid are normal Dr. Priyanka Patel Dr. Suggested GRD smart powder, but I am not ok with this than they give Alamin M forte tab as alternative of GRD, so is it ok?

Alamine will do please take it and very very important is taking 3 Lt Or more of water everyday

Dr. Priyanka Patel blessed with baby boy on 9th Jan by normal delivery, thank u so much for your valuable advises...