Hi mam en baby ku 12month achu,health drink athu kudukalam,lactozen,ceralac kudika matengara

Veetla senju kudunga pa

Home made health mix.
This can be had from six months baby to elderly people in the required proportions.
Required ingredients
Roasted gram - 1/2 cup
Parboiled rice - 1/2cup
One table spoon of below items
Cardamom one or two.
All the above ingredients are to be roasted separately until golden brown in a pan and brought down to room temperature.
Now grind the ingredients one by one to a nice powder consistency.
Once all the roasted grains are ground, mix all of them together and store it in a airtight container.
Few ingredients can be excluded if your baby is allergic to it or according to the needs or availability.
Benefits of this health mix are
Immunity booster.
*Filled with a lot of nutrients especially essential ammino acids and omega 3 fatty acids.
*High fibre diet
*Weight gaining food.
Age group. From Six months, even elders can have it.
*Take two spoons of the powder, add 200ml of milk(no animal milk for babies below one year, you can stir with required amount of water) to it and mix it well and there should be no lumps.
*Now bring to boil and stir well until the porridge becomes to a cerelac consistency.
*Pour it in a bowl add a spoon of ghee to it and serve it to your kids.
*For elders, add two spoons of powder to boiled milk and mix well.
No sugar for babies below one year.