My sister is a lil doubtful about feeding this all new APTAMIL fm which her doctor introduced to her 3 months baby. Anyone using APTAMIL share ur experience. Thankyou

We have also started giving recently Aptamil formula milk to a 6 months old baby. So far we are liking the effects. Thr baby had colic issues earlier now they seem to have subsided and motions are also better. You can give Aptamil definitely to the child. But also continue feeding as that's also important.

Aptamil is good, said to be close to mother's milk. Contains pre biotics and DHA which helps to develop immunity in kids. So you can try.

If doctor has advised, let her go ahead with it. I have positive experience with Aptamil as well. It's good.

Aptamil is ok. Its contain Prebiotics rich is Stimulation of gut development and aids digestion. So, baby feel less colic issues.

Arree... Dont worry. Aptamil is very good for babies coz it contains prebiotic which help to increase good bacteria in body.

Aptamil is very healthy fm ... my doctor says it is closest to mother's milk and contains PREBIOTICS which is responsible for building strong immune system and healthy gut

I have used Aptamil and really loved how the baby has taken well after this milk formula..

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